always-a-cowboy-by-linda-lael-millerAlways a Cowboy is a brand-new book in the bestselling and award-winning "The Carsons" franchise by Linda Miller. Drake is your perfect cowboy with a passionate heart and killer looks. He's capable, strong, good-hearted and probably the most stubborn fella in the whole state. He's taking care of his family's old ranch and knows from personal experience how rewarding and daunting this life be.

Right now, he's taking care of the horses on his land, and when an "expert" from the city comes in and starts talking about all the wrong things that he's been doing and how to fix them, Drake becomes really frustrated. But, at the same time, he can't shake the feeling that this girl might be the one for him. She wakes something up in him - a flame, a spark. Whatever it is, he can't stop thinking about her.

The girl's name is Luce, and she's got her head wrapped up around a new "case": she's studying wild stallions and how they behave around the farmers/ranchers and other animals. She can't really figure out what is it exactly that she feels towards Drake, the guy who's running the Carson farm, but when his mom asks her to stay in the house for a while, she instantly knows that she won't be able to resist this mysterious, strikingly handsome and rude man.

So, "the boy and the girl" are always trying to prove something to each other and can't bring themselves to open up and admit what they really feel towards each other. However, when Drake learns that the girl might be in real danger, he does everything in his power to keep her from harm's way. Always a Cowboy is yet another exceptional romantic novel for the ladies to enjoy. It's well-written, exciting, and the chemistry between the characters is simply awesome.

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