American-Heiress-By-Jeffrey-ToobinAmerican Heiress shines some light on a pretty wicked era in the history of the American establishment. Jeffrey Toobin, a world-esteemed writer and one of the greatest writers this country has ever seen, did a tremendous job with this biographical book and tries to educate modern-day folks on what was really going on back then. A rebel group of self-proclaimed freedom fighters abducted Patty Hearst, a young girl, a college student and inheritor of her family's riches. Now, this happened in 1974, only 4 decades ago!

And this whole situation took a ridiculous twist in April when the group released a video of the girl claiming that she has deliberately joined their cause. So, what about the Hearst dynasty? They were told to feed every single person in San-Francisco and Oakland in order to make sure their daughter gets back home safe! Next big shock came from a video camera that showed Patty, now known as Tania, with an automatic weapon in her hands.

And that's only the beginning! The story goes on and on and involves the President of the US, the most impressive police shoot-out in this country's history and even the 1st breaking news event on American television. Patty spent a whole year running from the officials, and her trial made history with a dramatic reversal at the very end.

The shocking story of Mrs. Hearst is often described by the critics as prove of the collective madness that conquered the hearts and minds of the US citizens. As for American Heiress, the author spent hours listening to and reading countless interviews and investigating documents that used to be secret. It's a book about a young girl who had to go through something horrible, something that defined her personality and made her join the very people that kidnapped her. Or maybe it was all an act?

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