american-ulysses-by-ronald-c-whiteRonald C. White, an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed author, is back with a fundamental new biography of one of the greatest generals the United States have ever seen and the most controversial president. Back in the day, Grant was standing "side by side" with Washington and Lincoln in the line-up of American leaders and freedom fighters.

However, in the 20th century, they stripped him of all the glory, and the brilliant battle commander who later led the country to victory became one of the "scapegoats" of the American society. Fortunately, today, in 2016, we've got people like White arguing that the man was indeed a great patriot and a natural-born leader and that we need to revise history - once again. In the 21st century, the United States need to learn the real truth about their national heroes.

The author of this book did a terrific job of researching and working with never-seen-before documents that shed some true light on Grant. He dedicated 7 years to American Ulysses, and that means we've got the most overwhelming, complex and honest biography of the most misunderstood political figure in the country. Come to think of it, there's no better candidate for the job, as White proved many times before that he is an exceptionally skilled biographer who's got a unique gift for bringing centuries-old stories into real life and making them feel relevant to the modern-day society.

In this book, he shows that Grant was a kind, loving, generous man who knew exactly how to handle tough situations and to keep everything under control. His wife, Julia, was also a great woman and a true believer in her husband's cause, despite all the previous controversy. Summing up, American Ulysses gives the readers a once-in-a-lifetime access to Grant's heart and soul, his thoughts, actions, and legacy.

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