americas-first-daughter-by-stephanie-drayVery few folks know that the legendary American leader, Mr. Thomas Jefferson, had a wonderful daughter, Martha, a young lady who stood side by side with her dad and helped him make this country great. The founding father was a mysterious and somewhat controversial person, but there's no denying the fact that he propelled the US to never-seen-before heights, and Martha played a key role in that.

America's First Daughter is an insightful, richly researched book that's based on countless letters, notes, and interviews. Laura Kamoie and Stephanie Dray turned this woman's story into a best-selling, game-changing and super-addictive novel. Ever since she was a little girl, Martha always knew that even though her dad loved her and the entire family to death, his country always came first for him - that's just the kind of man he was.

She was his eldest daughter, and she became his right hand, his protector, and safeguard. When her mom died, this brilliant woman became his companion and traveled with him whenever he went on business trips. The government made Jefferson the American minister to France, and that's when she first learned about her dad's connection with Sally, a 15-year-old slave girl.

Obviously, she was devastated by that, but still, she couldn't make herself choose between the bonds of family, doing the right things and her own principles. Furthermore, she fell in love with a handsome young man, which made her choice that much more difficult. In order to protect her father's reputation and his legacy, she had to forget about her own happiness...America's First Daughter is a delicious, poignant read, especially for the fans of historical fiction, romance, and huge family secrets.

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