AN AMERICAN FAMILY: A Memoir of Hope and Sacrifice BY Khizr Khan

In the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan electrified viewers around the world when he took the stage and lend Donald Trump his own worn out pocket Constitution - a gesture that perfectly encapsulated the feelings of millions. Many wondered, who was that man beside his wife, raving the promises and virtues of the U.S. Constitution?

The man behind this timeless immigrant story was a curious and thoughtful boy completely fascinated as his grandfather recited the Rumi beneath the moonlight, the oldest of ten children born to farmers in Pakistan. Khizr khan was a brillant university student who read the Declaration of Independence and worked two jobs to put himself through Harvard Law School. He was an ambitious suitor who pursued a woman out of his league and a loving father who tragically lost his son, an Army captain, while protecting a base camp in Iraq. He was and is a patriot, a fierce advocate for the rights, dignities, and values enshrined in the American system - ideals that he instilled in his children.

Like millions of American immigrants, Khizr Khan showed why—especially in these tumultuous times—we must not be afraid to step forward for what we believe in when it matters most.

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