An Author's Odyssey (The Land of Stories, Book 5)

An-Author's-Odyssey-The-Land-of-Stories-seriesAn Author's Odyssey is the 5th, but not the final book of highly praised book series. Chris Colfer wrote another great bestseller in an amazing universe of his unstoppable imagination! The fifth book of the Land of Stories series tells us about using new found powers of Conner Bailey. He discovers the place, where he and his sister can efficiency battle the Masked Man and his army. It can be done inside Conner's own stories.

So Alex and Conner Bailey enter the reality created from boy's wild imagination. And as usual, they are not alone. Accompanied by old good friends the twins must seek allies no one else has ever dreamed before. Only with them, they can finally stop Masked Man. His reign of terror must be ended. Does the teen success their mission of restoring long lasting peace in The Land of Stories territory? Read the fifth book of the series and you will know an answer. This story will not disappoint you!

This novel is written with great humoгr and amazing creativity. Moreover, the story is fast-paced. And there are no any dull moments in it. There a lot of suspense and great images. It is really a perfect read for any kid. And the age of the kids does not matter. And one more thing. It is pure genius – how the writer mixes old fairy tales with the modern day problems.

The Land of Stories series:
Book 1. The Wishing Spell
Book 2. The Enchantress Returns
Book 3. A Grimm Warning
Book 4. Beyond The Kingdoms
Book 5. An Author's Odyssey

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