an-island-christmas-by-nancy-thayerNancy Thayer, a best-selling, brilliant writer, delivers a captivating holiday novel about a family's get together for a wonderful wedding. There are more than enough Christmas surprises in store for them, and we, the readers, get to learn about every single one. Felicia, the bride, returns to her parent's gorgeous house on the island to become the lovely wife of Archie, the man of her life.

Everything's ready for a splendid celebration: the streets look beautiful covered in snow, the lights in the windows remind of the great holiday and her breath-taking dress is simply perfect. However, that's not actually what Felicia really wants. Big, loud and lavish weddings are not her cup of tea. No, it's her mom's dream. Her name is Jilly and she's worried sick that her little girl is marrying the wrong guy.

She thinks that Archie is only good for skydiving and climbing the mountains. Furthermore, she's more than confident that Steven, the good-looking stockbroker next door is a far better "candidate" for Felicia and starts a cunning matchmaking endeavor to bring the two together. Soon, Lauren, the bride's sis, arrives with her exuberant kids, and that's when the tensions in the mansion increase.

It all leads to a huge disaster, but a sudden twist reminds Felicia, her mom and everybody else that Christmas is all about coming together and appreciating each other, not fighting. An Island Christmas is a magnificent holiday story that's both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. It comes with sweet, likable characters, a pretty great plot and that unique Christmas magic.

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