an-undisturbed-peace-by-mary-glickmanAn Undisturbed Peace is a touching, moving, and life-changing novel that's heavily based on the Trail of Tears story. Welcome to Greensborough, NC, ladies and gentlemen. It's the beginning of the 19th century - 1828, to be exact. Abrahan Bento, the main character of the book, left the poor, filthy streets of London and traveled all the way to the United States, hoping to build a new, better life.

However, all his dreams of making it in the big land and starting his own business are crushed by the harsh reality. At the same time, 50 miles to the west, a young woman, the daughter of a powerful and influential Cherokee chief, is living a lonely life in a far-away land. It's been 2 decades since she said "No" to her father's wish for her to marry a rich white fella. And soon, the decision that she made all those years ago will prove to be fateful for her.

Finally, in Georgia, a black man, a slave, is living a life of injustice, inequality, loss and despair in a city of refuge for the biggest criminals in the country. An Undisturbed Peace is a breath-taking historical novel, a fascinating depiction of the American history as we never knew it. You've got three characters, three different lives, three different destinies.

Obviously, they do converge, and the readers will be amazed by the magnitude of Mary Glickman's brand-new bestseller. This is a story about strong-willed people who, despite all the struggles that they have to overcome, still find happiness in their daily routine and dare to hope for the best. This bold, brisk and captivating portrait of the United States in the 19th century will definitely be appreciated by the fans of historical fiction.

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