Anatolia-By-Somer-SivriogluWhat do you know about Turkish cooking? Not much, right? It's definitely not as popular as the Mexican or Chinese cuisines in the United States, but Somer Sivrioglu, the author of this marvelous book, is here to change that. The man was born in Turkey and he's bringing "the heat" with all kinds of delicious meals, ranging from the spicy snacks from the country's trademark street stalls to the centuries-old recipes from the days of the Ottoman Empire.

Somer does a marvelous job of reintroducing the old recipes in a new, refreshing way and talks about the rituals, traditions, and customs of Turkey, bringing the readers closer to the country's amazing history. Most of the times, a nation's cuisine is defined by its religion and traditions, and, by learning about the ways of the old and the modern-day Turkey, you'll enjoy the food even more!

Overall, the book contains over 150 dishes, with detailed, step-by-step descriptions and high-quality photographs giving you the ultimate recipes for a delicious Turkish meal. Furthermore, every single dish features breath-taking images of Turkey's most beautiful sights. Finally, you'll also find overwhelming "dossiers" on the greatest local chefs, along with their trademark recipes.

All in all, if want to learn about an exciting new culture and its most delicious foods, Anatolia will be your perfect guide into the world of Turkish cuisine. Embark on a wonderful journey into a universe of exotic dishes, heart-pounding sights, and impressive historical facts. Somer Sivrioglu's Anatolia is one of the most amazing cookbooks of 2016, so, make sure to get your copy!

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