Ancillary-Mercy-By-Ann-LeckieImperial Radch, a bestselling trilogy that's been getting all kinds of praise both from the critics and the fans of science fiction and fantasy, gets a fascinating conclusion with Ann Leckie's Ancillary Mercy, a mighty grand finale for an amazing series. Breq, the main character of the trilogy, seems to be finally doing OK, and she's trying to settle down and keep it steady. However, during a regular search of slums she meets someone who was supposed to be dead, and that's when the deadly Presger Empire sends its messenger.

At the same time, Breq's deadliest enemy, Anaander, is back. He's split in two and gone insane - a leader of a dying empire that's fighting with itself. Duty calls and Braq has to flee with her ship and the crew, but she can't do that, because if she does, the honest folks of Athoek will be practically left to die. The situation is impossible, but Breq never backs down from a fight.

So, what will she do this time? Stand her ground and do her best to defend the innocents, or run away and try to save her own life? Ann Leckie, a true master of writing gripping, exciting and uplifting novels in the genre of science fiction and fantasy, did a marvelous job with Ancillary Mercy. This is exactly what the true fans have been waiting for, so, if you've been a fan of the series, you should stop whatever you're doing and grab a copy! You won't be disappointed!

On the other hand, if you don't know about the Ancillary series, you really should, because it managed to bring "cool" back to "spaceship travels and battles". The world is diverse, the characters are fascinating, and the story is truly great. Definitely a must-have in your collection!

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