And I Darken by Kiersten White

And-I-Darken-by-Kiersten-WhiteLada Dragwlya is a ruthless, almost brutal princess. And the girl likes to be who she is. Nobody thought that it would be possible, but she is a child of her time. Some time ago, she and her little brother left against their will Wallachia. It was the motherland for the younglings, but their own father left them and send to the Ottoman empire.

Since then they raised at the court of Ottoman ruler. The best lesson which Lada Dragwlya learned by herself is about ability yo survive in any circumstances. And the best key to survival is being brutal as much as she could.

Lada Dragwlya and her brother are only pawns in court games. And they must be very cautious. If they make a wrong step – they will be doomed. The main reason of permanent danger about their heads is their origin of course. Lada hates her new home very much. She dreamed about returning to Wallachia. There she can claim the throne. Her own brother is not so ambitious.

One day Lada and Radu acquaints the future ruler of the Ottoman Empire. His name is Mehmed. He is a rebellious young man. Moreover, he is defiant and deserted offspring of the sultan. Lada's brother feels that he finds his best friend in Mehmed at last. And a female descendant of Wallachia thought that this he is quite interesting as a man… And I Darken by Kiersten White wrote in the best tradition of Games of Throne.

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