and-then-there-was-one-by-patricia-gussinIf you've been waiting for a fresh, exciting and blood-chilling mystery thriller to hit the shelves, you'll be happy to learn that Patricia Gussin delivered a true masterpiece with her And Then There Was One novel. Almost a decade ago, Scott and Katie were lucky enough to bring identical triplets into this world - three adorable baby girls.

A young, beautiful couple with very special children - what else is there to wish for, right? They seemed like the perfect family until they decided to go to a movie one day and the two girls disappeared into thin air. But is it possible for two kids to vanish and never leave a single trace? Scott and Katie could never think that something this terrifying would happen to them, and they don't really know how to cope with it. All they can do is wait and pray for a miracle.

However, pretty soon the parents realize that, despite what everybody's saying, somebody took their baby girls for a reason, and it wasn't just a random kidnapping. But why would somebody do something like that? For what purpose? And where are the girls now? Will the police be able to find them? At the same time, Jackie, the "surviving" triplet, is having a hard time dealing with the wild mix of grief, guilt, and terror.

Her mom and dad try to cheer her up and never lose hope, but it's getting harder and harder to do with each passing moment. And until they bring the little girls back, this once-happy family would not be able to get back to what it used to be. And Then There Was One is a blood-rushing, chilling and riveting mystery thriller that's got that unique "flavor" and original plot to make even the most experienced fans of the genre happy.

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