Angelfall-By-Susan-EeSusan Ee created a whole movement, a brand-new ideology with the Penryn series, and the young adult readers love this writer for always delivering mighty twists, turns, packing every single book with fast-paced, adrenaline-rushing action and staying true to her own, unique and brisk writing style. It's been 1.5 months since the legendary angels of the apocalypse came down to planet Earth to destroy the contemporary world as we know it.

During the day, street thuggers are running the show; fear, dismay and the "wingers" are taking over when the sun goes down. Penryn, a 17-year-old girl, watched the angels take her innocent little sis away, and now she's ready to do whatever it takes to bring her back. So, she doesn't even blink twice when Raffe, a wounded black angel, offers her a deal.

The two embark on a journey through the dark, scary California, hoping to get to SF safe and sound. That's where the angels' "headquarters" are. Penryn is risking everything, including her own life, to safe her sis, and Raffe is making himself vulnerable to his fiercest enemies for the opportunity to become whole again. Gabriel was killed by mankind, and now the angels are furious - they will stop at nothing just to make the humans pay and suffer.

Angelfall is an apocalyptic romance that will conquer your heart and soul with rich, multi-layered characters, a great atmosphere, and engaging writing. Susan Ee did a brilliant job with this book and instantly built a huge and brick-strong fan-base. The critics are calling her one of the mightiest fantasy writers of our time, and that means you simply have to grab a copy and enjoy!

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