Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Anna-Karenina-Leo-TolstoyIn the palace of Prince Oblonsky, there are some bad things happened. Daria has convicted her husband Stepan of infidelity with a former nanny. In the beginning of the book, her thoughts about the whole situation are not very pleasant. She thinks about a divorce, but the fun-loving Prince tries to avoid this delicate situation. All hopes for saving a marriage are laid on the visit of his very popular sister Anna. Maybe his wife will listen to her and all will be ok.

A landowner Konstantin Levin, a friend of Oblonsky from teenage years, already arrived in Moscow with marriage intentions towards Darya's younger sister Kitty. When Oblonsky goes to meet his sister at the St. Petersburg station, he meets Vronsky there, who expects to meet his mother at the same train. The beautiful Anna Karenina is very familiar with Vronsky and what crackles between them is not only the frosty winter air.

With just a few realistic descriptions Tolstoy shows us a great story and puts the readers' attention into a tangled web of human emotions and relationships, jealousy, desires, pride, love, and hate. Although the social constraints of the Anna Karenina novel changed many years ago, the emotional chaos of the main characters has not changed until today. And because Tolstoy describes all of this with his life like, pictorial way you will have a great time reading this book.

While Annas destructive relationship with Vronsky is the central part of the novel, but actually Tolstoy describes three corresponding love relationships, which is the whole spectrum of the relationship between man and woman. The parallel narrative style allows him also to change the perspective of the emerging situations and reflects the actions of some characters from a different perspective.

But Tolstoy wanted to write not only about the relationship between the sexes, he also wanted to show us Russia in the last third of the 19th century. So protagonists are not only communicating in major cities enjoying themselves in ballrooms, theatres, clubs, and salons, but they also travel to the countryside, across fields and meadows, through forests in secluded spots where people are still natural and unspoiled.

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