annie-by-cynthia-woolfAre you a big-time fan of westerns and historical romance? Well, if you are, then you'll be pleased to learn that Cynthia Woolf has just the right series for you. The Brides of San Francisco franchise is five books strong, and Annie is the second installment. The critics are calling it the best one yet, so, make sure not to miss out on a great novel!

Annie had a strange childhood: she was holding a copy of the Bible in her hands all the time, but her dad wasn't really supportive of that. When she grew into a gorgeous 22-year-old girl, she decided it was time to completely change her life and go for the "big fish". That's how she became a mail-order bride. She put everything on the line, but 1 year later, she was standing at a close friend's doorstep with a baby in her belly, no money, and no husband.

She lost her man, but he was an honorable, loving gentleman, and now she's hoping that her father will let her come back home. However, going back to NY will cost her, and she doesn't have a single penny in her pockets. So, she gladly accepts work as a cook. Yes, her dear old daddy would certainly not approve, but she doesn't care about that anymore. She's determined to make some money in the saloon for herself and her kid.

Nick, the owner, fell in love with her the second he saw her, and now, a year later, she's back and working for him. He's ready to do whatever she wants, except for one thing - sell the saloon. But she's got other plans for herself and the little girl, even though she does have feelings for him. So, one of the two will have to make a sacrifice in order to make it work. And when Annie learns that her late husband left her a fortune, everything changes...

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