Another-Brooklyn-By-Jacqueline-WoodsonJacqueline Woodson, a bestselling author and a world-esteemed novelist, is back with a brand-new masterpiece - Another Brooklyn. This is a story about friends and friendship, a time back in the '70s when August (the main character) and her girls shared everything with each other and could spend hours, if not days chatting about every single thing in the world. Back then, Brooklyn was a place they called home, a place where they knew they were young, talented, full of potential and capable of doing great things.

The girls knew exactly what their futures would be like - marvelous. However, life turned out to be "a bit" different from what they expected. Brooklyn wasn't all bright and shiny, and, while being an inspiration to the girls, it was also a really dangerous place where young mothers were disappearing every day, scary men were coming after little girls in the dark corners and the ghosts were following every single resident.

Madness was a big part of Brooklyn, and there was no escaping that. Another Brooklyn is a fundamental novel and talks about that time when children turn into adults, when little girls become young women. This is a story about 4 girls that went through heaven and hell together, a story about 4 friends that dream about growing up and conquering the world, but had to deal with a lot pain and disappointment along the way.

Will they be able to stay best friends despite all the struggles, or will their friendship fail and get cut in pieces? Jacqueline Woodson delivered a deep, powerful, emotional novel that's simply unforgettable.

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