Elizabeth Strout's brand-new novel is home to several lovely characters that live in a small town and try to find happiness while dealing with love, hate, loss, and forgiveness. This is the story of two sisters. The first one is living that luxurious life with a wealthy husband but lacks respect; the second one is all about finding her heroes on the pages of a book instead of the real life.

And then there's the janitor, a kind, caring man who has his faith tested and beliefs are shaken after he lends a much-needed help to a strange man. A young woman can't live without her mother's love, even though she is happy for her (she found true love and happiness in a faraway country with a new man).

And finally, Lucy, an older lady, comes to visit her family after being away for 17 years straight. What do all these people have in common? What are they searching for in this world and is it possible for all of them to be equally happy? Anything Is Possible is not about superheroes, top-notch government agents or mysterious killers.

It's about ordinary folks that struggle with their daily routine and do everything in their power to change their lives for the better. Family is what really matters to them, and, thanks to the author's outstanding writing skills, we get to follow these characters and their incredible journeys towards the Greater Good. Heartache, pain, and frustration go hand-in-hand with joy, excitement, and jubilation, and we all need someone to guide us through the obstacles. Anything Is Possible is a book about the endless opportunities that we all have in this beautiful world.

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