appetites-by-anthony-bourdainAnthony Bourdain is a prominent figure in the modern-day world of food and cooking. And he's got an appetite for the greater things. Back in the day, he used to be one of the best chefs in the country. Then, he started a successful series on CNN, in which he traveled the world and talked about (and tasted) the food of different cultures. Today, in 2016, he's only cooking for his family and closest friends.

Appetites is his first book in more than a decade, and it's packed with almost fifty years of experience in professional cooking! Yes, it's pretty much an encyclopedic cookbook, and it comes with the man's personal favorite recipes, a list of dishes that, in the ex- chef's opinion, we all should know how to cook and enjoy in our regular kitchens. Years ago, Anthony Bourdain was known as the ultimate "bad boy" in the world of cooking, but that's all behind him now, as he's the father to an adorable little girl, and he loves being a dad.

He used to travel for 150-200 days a year, but now he enjoys a quiet family life at home. At the same time, you can't take the chef out of a man, and that means he still knows how to make some of the most extraordinary and delicious foods on planet Earth. At the end of the day, Appetites is the perfect cookbook for the fans of quick, easy and tasty recipes.

It's also quite the entertaining book and includes the author's personal favorites, notes from his life and travels, and a super-effective "set of skills" that will allow you to impress your family and guests with otherworldly efficiency. Anthony Bourdain knows exactly how to cook tasty meals and to keep the crown entertained. Do you want to be like him? Then buy his latest masterpiece-of-a-cookbook!

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