apprentice-in-death-by-j-d-robbJ.D. Robb is back with yet another smashing bestseller featuring Eve Dallas. She's been solving all kinds of crazy cases over the years, but this time around it will be harder than ever. The new book follows a new case with 3 people dead at an ice-skating rink. Every single shot was quick and incredibly accurate. The killer was a professional, but what were his motives? The victims don't have anything in common, and that makes it impossible for Eve to figure the case out. Thankfully, the security cameras caught something: the killer used a military-grade tactical rifle.

At the same time, that only means that the shooter could have been anywhere within several miles when the bullets hit the targets. Yes, he could be shooting from countless spots, so, that's a dead hand. However, Eve got one thing correct: there aren't a lot of people in town who have that unique set of professional skills - you need years of training to make a shot like that.

So, the list of suspects narrows down to professional assassins, military folks, and police officers. Dallas's husband has a genius mind and lots of resources, and that gives her a fighting chance, a real shot at tracking down whoever's responsible. Eventually, the computer algorithm leads Eve to the sniper's spot. But, as it turns out, there were two of them. Moreover, one was older, and one was younger. So, that means only one thing: a world-class professional, an expert in killing is training a successor, his legacy. And, the killing of those 3 innocent people was just the beginning.

Another terrifying attack devastates the city, and if Eve fails to find the killers soon, there will be more bodies lying around. Apprentice in Death is a fast-paced, thrilling race against time and two professional killers who will stop at nothing to get the job done. The fans of the Eve Dallas series will most certainly enjoy it!

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