Arcadia: A Novel by Iain Pears

Arcadia-A-novel-2-by-Iain-Pears-epub-mobi-fb2It is 1962. Henry Lytten works as a professor in Oxford. He is dreaming of other worlds.

So he dreaming about an eleven-year-old boy, who has grown up within in a country. His name is Jay and he lives a peaceful life with his family in Arcadia. One day he feels a supernatural vision starts a long life-changing journey.

Henry Lytten dreams another society – very different from ours. There are a lot of technology there. Moreover, people are trying to crack the mystery of traveling trough time.

While he is dreaming, one of Henry's former colleagues tracks him down to give him last mission to complete. Before he became the professor in Oxford Lytton worked as a spy.

So Henry and his characters Jay struggle together. They must crack the problems of love, free will, duty, and power of the imagination. The man understands that is very difficult to imagine his stories happy end. Moreover, he did not know where the real word is.

Arcadia: A novel it is not typical Iain Pears novel. It has more common with "Cloud Atlas" written by David Mitchell. It is amazing fiction masterpiece blends many different genres. You may find there great adventure, deep romantic love, suspense.

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