Simone Sowood delivers a smash-hit with Arousal, a sexy romantic novel about a fake relationship that turns into something much bigger. Darcy, a girl Liam has never seen before in his life, told her old man that he's her new boyfriend. He just entered the nice restaurant to have something to eat before a life-defining meeting, and that's when she "ambushed" him with those mesmerizing blue eyes and a body to die for.

Liam kept his cool and even decided to help the sexy girl out with whatever she had on her mind, so, he put his arms around her and gave her a kiss. After all, she wanted him to be her fake man, not the other way around. The two melted in a long, passionate kiss, and that's when they both realized that there was nothing fake about this relationship anymore.

The taste of Darcy’s lips consumed the fella and made him fall for her - right there and then. Yes, it could be just a silly game for her, but not for Liam, and if there's one thing that defines him then it's the fact that he always gets what he wants and never loses. Besides, Darcy doesn't know that her new boyfriend is a real-world billionaire and that he could have any girl in the world but chose to be with her because she's nothing short of an amazing young lady. And, he's not shy to put his mighty resources to good use and to claim her - once and for all.

The power and wealth mean nothing to him if there's no woman to share it all with. But what if she gets spooked by the fact that he's a spoiled playboy? Will it ruin their wonderful love affair? Arousal is a smutty standalone romantic novel that comes with a super-handsome rich alpha male and an irresistible lassie. This is a highly enjoyable, sweet and hot read.

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