Can a book about astrophysics become a nationwide bestseller? Yes, it can, and Mr. Neil Tyson did a brilliant job of proving that with his brand-new book. If you ever wanted to learn about our universe from this point of view, grab a copy of Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and dive into a world full of hope, fascination, and excitement.

What is the nature of space, what is the essence of time? And how do we - the human beings - fit in this gigantic thing we call the Universe? Is there a connection between time and space? Is there a connection between The Cosmos and our kind? True, these questions have been bothering humanity for centuries, and Tyson doesn't have all the answers.

But, he did deliver an awesome guide that will help you make sense of many things and get yourself up to speed with what the world-renowned astrophysicists know today. Unfortunately, with the crazy, fast-paced and action-packed lifestyle that the majority of us have inherited, there's simply no time (and/or desire) to stop and stare into the sky, so to speak. The Cosmos seems too far away from any of us to care about it.

And that is why the author of this book decided to bring it closer to us, to make it look and feel real and vivid. He used his writing skills, wits and smarts to write an entertaining, relaxing and educational book that you can consume chapter after chapter anywhere you want. The Big Bang, the scary black holes, the possibility of intelligent life forms on other planets, and, of course, the enormous world of quantum mechanics - you'll read about it all in Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.

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