at-wolf-ranch-by-jennifer-ryanThe Montana Men series has been pleasing the ladies for a pretty long time, and Jennifer Ryan managed to become one of the best writers of western romances. At Wolf Ranch is the very first installment in the franchise, and it follows the story of Gabe, a man who's seen more than enough in this life and want the simple things now: a small land of his own, a house and a woman that will always be next to him and keep his heart beating fast.

Now, he's not really after a huge land, but when he learns that there's an opportunity for him to be the new owner of the Wolf Ranch spread, he simply can't let this fantastic deal go. It's all said and almost done, but his life changes 180 degrees when he saves a woman on a snowy, cold and lonely road on the way to the land. This lady is his destiny, and they're supposed to be together.

Her name is Ella, Ella Wolf, and she was on her way to her fam's old ranch after she found out that her twin sister was killed. Something tells her that she'll about to become the second victim of the murderer. Her only chance at survival is uncovering a deeply hidden secret on the ranch. And she would never expect a man like Gabe to save her. When she meets him, for a moment, she feels like it's all back to normal and that love is a possibility for her.

Their "partnership" slowly grows into something much more, but the killer is right on her tail. Will the two learn to trust each other and put each other first, or is Ella going to be the next dead body in the town? At Wolf Ranch is a romantic novel at heart, but it's also got some thriller/suspense elements that make it an even more entertaining read. Grab a copy if you enjoy a good-old western with a twist.

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