Nick is sick and tired of always dealing with shallow and vulgar women - he needs a girl to take his breath away, and he's desperately looking for that one and the only lady that will make his heart beat fast again. So, he finds himself at a Virgin Auction, one of those places where you can "buy" a girl for a night or for as long as you like.

He could never think that he'd meet just the right girl in a place like this, but he actually had no other place to go. Relationships are not really his cup of tea, and all he wants is something fresh and exciting. And, Nick has a strict rule: he never spends more than one smutty night with a woman, but Katrina is special. It takes him one look into those gorgeous eyes (and that delicious body) to turn him on and make him want to get to know her.

A tiny waist, curves to die for and a childish innocence is all it took for Nick to forget about his own rules. He wants her all to himself - forever - but it's gonna be hard for him to tame this dame. Yes, she really needs that money, and she's ready to do whatever it takes to get it, but she's not a pet dog, and that fact about her turns the guy on even more.

She's scared, and there's something dark about her, something Nick wants to figure out. Auctioned comes with a fine set of characters, myriads of hot, steamy and sexy scenes, and numerous twists and turns that keep you reading until the sun comes up. The plot is strong, the narrative is page-turning, and the overall atmosphere of the book is simply awesome. Mia Ford wrote another mighty page-turner that's equally fun, sexy and dramatic. If you love exciting erotic novels, Auctioned should be on your list of must-haves.

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