Audacity-By-Jonathan-ChaitWith Mr. Barack Obama "hitting the sack", we've got folks like Jonathan Chait to tell us about the man's accomplishments, his ups, his downs and the legacy that he's leaving for the great American people, the exceptional ones. The author of this book argues that the historians will call him one of the most reliable, rugged and overall brilliant Presidents that this country has ever seen.

He had eight full years to turn the tide on many things, and he's managed to accomplish so much. His administration single-handedly saved the economy in the United States and in the whole world, offered health insurance to millions of folks who couldn't afford even the minimal "packs" before, negotiated a fascinating deal with Iran on the Middle-Eastern leader's nuclear capacity, and took care of the climate.

Furthermore, the ex-POTUS made Wall Street reconsider their strategies and start giving out more, gave a nice "kick" to the education system and finally broke the chain of hate, despise and mistrust between the white America, the Latinos and the African-Americans, something that nobody could ever do. At the same time, the left and right political wings kept claiming that he was a sellout, an incompetent President.

They tried to destroy the man's legacy, to make the regular men and women believe that he was no good for America. Yet, the people knew in their hearts what kind of a great man Mr. Obama is, and that is why they're ushering him with words of love, gratitude, and respect. Jonathan Chait, one of the most respected and meticulous political journalists, delivers an insightful, eye-opening and uplifting book about the 44th President's legacy.

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