B Is For Balance, Second Edition: 12 Steps Towards a More Balanced Life At Home and At Work

B-Is-For-Balance-12-Steps-Towards-a-More-Balanced-Life-At-Home-and-At-Work-2nd-EditionB is for Balance(2nd Ed.) is about the individual nurse, the professional, the multi-tasker, the be all things to all people leader.

While the first edition of B is for Balance was well-received and has been a great resource to nurses and other professionals, the second edition has been updated to focus on 12 steps to balance, including engagement, focus, sleep deficits, fatigue, diet, re-inventing one s career, and the need for each of us to live longer and to live well.

The book attracts those who are juggling multiple responsibilities at home, at work, and within the community. Much of the information in this book mirrors one's own life and establishes an impetus for change.

While the first edition focused on the nursing community, the revised and updated 2nd revision clearly addresses all audiences and all industries. This is such a powerful tool; the author details critical steps that can be taken to ensure work/life balance - regardless of the setting in which one works. The content is exceptional; the tools are terrific, and reference to EAP is great. This book belongs in the hands of every HR department across North America.

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