Baby-Fever-Bride-By-Nicole-SnowNicole Snow is a big fan of romantic women's fiction that features steaming-hot alpha males and strong, independent young women. Penny, the main character of this fine story, is dealing with a highly unusual deadline: She's got 1, 5 years to have a baby. Yep, her biological clock is playing tricks on her, and she's forced to start looking for some proper "candidates".

Destiny sends Hayden her way, and it's gonna be an epic struggle before he gets her pregnant. So, who is this guy, exactly? For starters, he's a billionaire, a scandalous entrepreneur, a dashingly handsome man and a playboy - just the perfect man to become the father of her only child! He's got pretty much everything a man could dream of, except one thing - a bride.

He needs her to make the world believe he's something else. And that means Penny and Hayden can work towards a common goal. Or, at least, strike a deal - whichever way works. This is business - plain and simple. A cold transaction, if you will - a professional thing. Falling for each other isn't a part of the "contract". The fake man and wife go out together, hug each other, kiss, smile and act like future spouses in front of the cameras.

But what if it's not all pretend? What if she's slowly, but steadily falling for this bad-boy and wants him to be something else than just a donor? A rich, God-like fella to take care of her baby and stand by her side no matter what? Sounds like a pretty great life, right? She's a smart, funny, drop-dead gorgeous girl with a killer body and lush lips - just the perfect kind for Hayden. For a fake bride, that is...

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