Nicole Snow is considered to be one of the greatest writers of romantic/erotic novels of the 21st century, and she always delivers that "heat" for the loyal fans. This time around, she's got yet another sizzling-hot billionaire bad-boy vs. a gorgeous hussy "battle", and it's gonna turn you on in a matter of seconds! For Bekah, Grant was just a little fling, a hot-hot hookup.

She thought that it was one of those things that you enjoy and then instantly forget. However, she soon finds out that he's her brand-new boss and her father's new partner. How weird is that gonna be? Probably a lot, and, even though all the signs in the world tell them both that it's a bad idea to keep f*cking, they simply can't help it. The nights together are adrenaline-pumping, blood-rushing and extremely sultry.

Yes, Bekah knows that men like Mr. Shaw don't ever settle down, as he'll soon dump her and move on to the next gorgeous lady. Especially given the fact that she's just another intern who's also a big threat both for his reputation and his career. But, for some reason, the handsome billionaire keeps coming back to her and doesn't seem to be capable of staying away from her. At the same time, she's hiding a huge secret, and it's' going to change everything...

Grant has a rule: one night for one woman; yet, this sexy intern keeps popping in his head, and he can't think of anything else but her curvy body. He's almost twice her age, and messing around with an employee always ends badly. So, common sense is telling Grant to forget her and to move on, but he simply can't do that...Baby Fever Secrets is an extremely hot and passionate romantic novel with an awesome erotic side that's equally naughty, dirty and smutty.

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