bad-boys-do-it-better-by-porscha-sterlingEvery lady out there knows that you can't build a long-lasting relationship with a bad boy, simply because he's not ready for commitment. At the same time, these fellas are exceptional for a little fling, and they know how to turn a girl on. Janelle, the main character of Porscha Sterling's bestseller, is the eldest sis. She's a pretty smart girl and managed to graduate the NY law school 2 years earlier!

Yes, she's the best student in her class, and she's been working hard for years, trying to prove to the world that she's got what it takes to be one of the best in the United States. Finally, the heavens heard her prayers and, Janelle got the permission to sit in on the most scandalous trial in the whole city. Mr. DA himself is running the show, and the girl is a bit scared of the fact that she's going to have to work with him.

Yes, she's been dreaming of this moment for a pretty long time, but now when she got what she wanted, it's kinda hard to stay calm. And that's when she first lays eyes on Luke. A young fella with a degree from the hood. No, he doesn't have any fancy papers on him, but he does know what street credit means, and he's got a lot of that. He's a certified G, a true hustler.

He's arrogant, cocky and acts like a total prick, which makes him pretty much the exact opposite of Janelle's idea of a perfect man. He's everything she never wanted in a guy, but he's got a special way of making ladies change their minds. Bad Boys Do It Better is a story about a nice, intelligent girl and a brat from da streetz. Yes, it's not your typical "Boy meets girl" story, but it's got a lot of kick in it and will keep you on your feet.

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