Psychological thrillers and mystery suspense novels are pretty much the most popular genres of our time, and it's kinda hard to excite/scare/grab the readers these days, as we've got countless bestsellers stacking up on the bookshelves. Fortunately, Bad Little Girl is not just another thriller - it's much more than that. Frances Vick created one of the best books in the genre with a huge number of unbelievable twists, turns and "Wow!" moments.

It's insanely addictive and you won't be able to put it down - guaranteed! Lorna comes from an infamous fam and every single person in town thinks that she's a nasty little thief. The kids at school call her all kinds of bad words. Claire, a teacher, is pretty much the only person out there's who's kind to the little girl.

She can feel that her shoes are too small for her feet and that her hair needs some combing, so, she shows her extra love and support. Soon, the two become friends, and Claire can't help but notice the bruises on the child's skin. She sets on discovering who's hurting Lorna and bringing them to justice. She knows all too well that kids from notorious families end up being hurt, and keeping her safe becomes her #1 priority.

And, just when Claire thinks that the girl is not in danger anymore, Marianne, a mysterious stranger, comes into their lives. She's a kind, loving, generous woman, but there's something "off" about her and her whole story. Lorna doesn't like the lady, and Claire starts to think that Marianne has a hidden agenda. Yes, she did manage to protect the moppet from all the horrors of the world, but is she ready to learn the shocking truth? Bad Little Girl is a compelling, gripping page-turner, a true masterpiece.

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