Do you know who Mr. Chipper Jones is? He's one of the best switch-hitters to ever play baseball, and this is his fascinating story told in his own words. There's something about this game that makes it unique, and you'll fall in love with it after you read the book. Overall, this man gave 19 years of his life to baseball, and managed to become an All-Star winner for eight times! He was just a regular child from a tiny town in Florida.

He spent his childhood playing ball in the backyard with his father and hoping that one day when he grows up, he’d become one of the greatest players in the major league. So, how did this kid manage to rise to the elite ranks of MLB? Well, you'll learn everything about his remarkable success after you read this autobiographical book!

Back when free agents were a regular thing, this gentleman decided to stick with Atlanta Braves and never changed a team for almost 2 decades, and that is partially why the critics and the fans consider him to be a role model for all the young boys out there that are trying to be just as great as Jones is. We need people like Chipper to represent what it truly means to be a part of baseball and to give our children the right motivation to dream bigger.

The bottom line is - if you want to read a highly inspirational, uplifting and heart-warming book about a legendary player and a great man, make sure to grab your copy of Ballplayer at the local bookstore (or online) and dive into the world of Chipper Jones. You don't even have to be a fan of the game to appreciate the author's honesty, dedication, awesome sense of humor and insights into his own life.

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