based-on-a-true-story-by-norm-macdonaldNorm Macdonald is a terrific stand-up comedian: he's wild, bold, funny and honest, and sometimes even politically incorrect. He already wrote 2 national bestsellers, and Based on a True Story is his ultimate gift to the fans - a brilliant memoir of a man who made himself one of the greatest at what he does. He's an actor, entertainer, SNL old-timer, and, of course, comedian. And this is his story, his life journey towards the man that he is today.

He was born somewhere in the middle of nowhere (in Canada) and has always been a fan of comedy and everything around it. However, he had to overcome a lot of difficulties before he could become the best of the best. Corporate folks really loved telling him that he's not funny enough or doesn't have the necessary charisma to be a comedian, but he never really paid much attention to what the others were saying.

He kept on going until he climbed a mountain so high there was nobody standing above him. Based on a True Story is a hilarious, uplifting and super entertaining story of a man who believed in himself and didn't let the struggles in his life bring him down. He had countless regrets, failures, affairs, love stories - all of that - and he reflects on it all with a brilliant sense of humor and style.

He even used to owe a huge sum of money to a dangerous man who was threatening his life! How did the comedian manage to return the debt and stay alive? Read Based on a True Story and find out! It's a must-have for all the fans of Macdonald and brilliant humor books that light up the mood and elevate. It's got enough action, adventure, and drama for a lifetime.

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