Bayou-Born-By-Linda-JoyceThe Fleur de Lis trilogy is romantic, dramatic and thought-provoking, so, if you like women's fiction, make sure to check out Bayou Born, the 1st book in the series. Branna, the main character of the story, is both embarrassed and frustrated. Her self-esteem is at an all-time low: she had to cancel her opulent wedding. Why? She's not ready to say yet, but the damage is done, so to speak.

She's dreaming of a life on her own terms, without constant "surveillance", a place in the fam's biz and no secrets, lies, and betrayals. Serenity and peace are what the girl is looking for. Newbern, a college professor, is a proud bachelor, and he's not planning to settle down for at least a decade. Besides, years of experience have taught him one thing: gorgeous girls with brains are big-time trouble.

So, it's wise to stay as far away from them as possible. Branna is pretty much the perfect example of his theory, and he's happily avoiding her. Yet, for some reason, the vice president tells him to become the so-called mentor for the new girl. Branna is trying to forget the disasters of the past and move on with her life, find new meaning and purpose.

At the same time, the scars are way too painful, and they might just be the biggest obstacle towards true love. James is a handsome professor, but it's gonna take more than a curvy body and beautiful smile to make him fall for her. So, are these two destined to be together, or is a sizzling-hot affair not in the books for them? Read Bayou Born and you'll find out! This is a laid-back, feel-good kind of a romantic story with a great plot, charming characters, and a happy ending.

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