Beach-Trip-By-Cathy-HoltonSara, Lola and their two best friends have taken different roads down the lane since their wonderful time together at a tiny arts college back in the mesmerizing 80s. Mel is a writer - she really loves mysteries, thrillers, and crimes. She's dwellin' in NY, and is going through a rough patch: the woman is dealing with the catastrophic aftermath of two disastrous marriages and a bad career.

Sara is an attorney all the way out in Georgia, and can't figure out exactly what's wrong with her own marriage and feels weak and impotent. Annie, on the other hand, is doing great professionally: she's a prosperous businesswoman in Nashville. She's married to the boy that she loved back in school, but the regrets of the past keep haunting her. So, despite the fact that everything seems to be more than OK in her life, Annie still feels like something's missing - something very important.

And finally, Lola, a sweet, beautiful damsel, is spending all of her time and her hubby's money on those shiny little pills - they make her happy, and that's pretty much the only thing that she cares about right now. All the four ladies are in their 40s, and they decide to gather in Lola's gorgeous beach house.

Yes, this is a desperate attempt at bringing joy back into their lives by reminiscing on the old days, when everything was possible, miracles were happening on every corner and they had no care in the world. However, it takes them a week to fully realize that there's no running away from the past, and the only way to "beat" it and to move forward is to confront it. Beach Trip is a smooth, relaxing, touching and gut-wrenching story about ordinary modern-day women that want to go back to their happy selves and enjoy life again.

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