Fredrik Backman delivers a captivating new novel, a true masterpiece with a strong message, a lovely plot, and characters that are both right and wrong, good and bad, kind yet evil. You'll find yourself crying tears of joy and feeling the pain that they are experiencing in this heart-warming and heart-wrenching grandiose story.

Beartown is about regular people from a small town that want to dream big and are not afraid of sacrifices for the Greater Good. Folks claim that Beartown is dying - it's not what it used to be and nothing can bring the town back to life. This is a tiny community living somewhere in the middle of the forest and they're slowly losing the fight with nature.

But, there's a centuries-old ice rink next to the lake - it was built by the true heroes of this community, the hard-working heroes who single-handedly founded Beartown. It gives the new generation hope that everything will be fine eventually. The thing is - they've got a pretty great junior hockey team and the kids are getting ready to win in the national 1/2 finals.

It's not gonna be easy to compete with the best of the best, but the kiddos do really have a chance at winning that ultimate prize. So, you could say that these teenagers are now carrying the weight of the whole town on their young shoulders. True, it's not easy to carry that weight, and the historical match puts into motion a series of events that traumatize an innocent baby girl shake the whole town. Will the residents of Beartown find a way to make everything right? Or is this community destined to destroy itself from within?

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