A riveting new release from the #1 New York Times bestselling author who brought us A Man Called Ove - it tells about a small hockey town and the scandal that threatens to shatter the hopes of its people.

Beartown is a tiny forest community with a little to offer, losing ground in the steady economic decline. The residents turn to their local junior hockey team to bring hope and glory to the deteriorating place desperate for revival. They rally behind the teenage boys who were about to compete in the semi-finals with a legitimate chance at winning putting their utmost aspiration on the shoulders of these young hockey players.

But an intoxicated star player’s bad decision left the general manager’s daughter traumatized and when the accusations surfaced, the scandal put the town in turmoil. The entire town must take a stance...

Fredrik Backman masterfully presents a gripping narrative of a small town with a big dream and the measures they are willing to take to make it happen.

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