Freya is going through a rough patch: she's a gifted artist but barely gets by. She left a painful past behind herself and prefers not to think about. The future is dark and twisty, and she doesn't know what's gonna happen the next day. Liam is a certified bad-boy. He wastes his youth on clubs, drinks, wild nights and all kinds of crazy things.

The ladies want to be with him, while the fellas wanna be him. One day, when he has too much to drink, the playboy ends up with a winning hand in a game with a huge prize: a sassy redhead. This girl is the only person out there that can destroy his carefully-build walls and see the real him behind all those shiny cars and expensive drinks. When they are together in one room, sparks start to fly.

It all starts as a fake relationship that was supposed to earn Liam a few points in terms of his image, but soon it turns into something real, something that they both have never experienced before. That's how Freya becomes a part of his insane world filled with lights that are too bright, promises that are too good and illusions that are too painful.

Liam, the rock legend, has been waiting for a young woman like Freya for his entire life, but will he be able to put a stop to his current lifestyle and open up himself to her? And can you be truly happy with someone when everybody's watching you? Beastly Lights is a super-exciting book with a strong plot, a magnificent cast of characters and a great love story that will leave you speechless. This book will make you laugh, cry, get angry, disappointed, uplifted and moved all at the same time. Yep, this is quite a special novel!

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