beautifully-damaged-by-l-a-fioreWhen it comes to romantic novels with a fine dose of mystery, L.A. Fiore is one of the greatest writers to date. The Beautifully Damaged trilogy starts with this book, and it's a 100% page-turner. Ember went through a terrifying experience back when she was just a 3-year-old child: her mom perished in an accident on the road, and the girl's father became her only family.

Today, she's a grown-up young woman with a trusting personality and her mom's enchanting beauty. At the same time, she knows how to stand up for herself and is more than happy to punch a jerk or two at the bar. Her dad made sure that she knew how to defend herself and turned her into something of a tomboy. Ember is still recovering from her latest devastating relationship, but, when she meets Trace - a tall, handsome guy - she instantly falls for him.

Yes, she knows that bad-boys are disastrous and that she needs to stay away from them, but this man is igniting her heart and making her feel something that she has never felt before. Trace has his own demons and regrets from the past to deal with - he's been through heartbreak - and he doesn't really want to fall for the girl. He has promised himself to never get into any serious relationships, but it's simply impossible for him to stay away from Ember.

So, the two push, pull and push again, but fate has a very special plan for them. It's time for them to forget about the horrors of the past and give in to this undeniable attraction. They need to lay down their arms, so to speak, and stop fighting with the whole world - at least for a moment. Beautifully Damaged is a brilliant novel, a breath-taking exploration of the power of love and its ability to heal.

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