Jennifer Donnelly wrote a wonderful story for the kids and teenagers that will be perfect for a family read. It's like an addition to the legendary tale that will most definitely be appreciated by the fans of the original. Belle is a lonely, fragile girl who stumbles upon a magical book in the Beast's vast library that takes her away into a shiny world. Next, she becomes best friends with a countess.

She tells Belle that she can give her the life that she's dreamed of ever since she was a little girl. However, it's not that simple, and Nevermore is not the fairyland that they want the young woman to believe it is. And, the longer she stays there, the harder it gets for her to leave and to go back to her ordinary life. Fancy stories have a way of consuming us and never letting go, and the clock is ticking for Belle.

If she fails to break the spell and return home, she'll get lost in the book and will never be able to find the road back. Lost in a Book is by far the best new novel in the legendary Beauty and the Beast universe and will be perfect for the fans of the self-titled Hollywood movie that hit the theaters recently.

There's so much more to learn about this fascinating world, and Jennifer Donnelly did a wonderful job of introducing a new chapter in the story while still staying true to its magical atmosphere. True, Beauty and the Beast is not for everybody, but, if you love fantasy, fairy tales, and magical worlds, make sure to check this book out. It comes with beautiful characters, brilliant storytelling and a thought-provoking, important message. You won't be able to put the novel down until you turn that very last page.

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