Novels about rich billionaire bad-boys and beautiful young women that steal their hearts away are kinda getting old, but, as long as we've got gifted folks like Kira Blakely bringing something new and exciting into the erotic romance genre, there's nothing to worry about!

Drake used to be one of the best operatives in the US army, and the years of having to deal with chaos and destruction on every step of the way have turned him into a hardened killing machine, unable to love and care about anybody else but himself. After he got back home, the man managed to build a highly-successful business and now he's one of the youngest (and best looking) rich fellas in town. Women are nothing but toys to him, but, when he sees Belle, something inside of him ticks, and he falls in love with her - right there and right then.

Was it love at first sight? Yes. Did he ever believe that he'd be able to feel something like that after the horrors of war? Not really. There's a great business deal out there for him to put his hands on: a company has become available for purchase, and Drake seizes the opportunity like the agile businessman that he is. The company's owner is Belle's father. The girl, in turn, is 24, but she's still a virgin. A jaw-droppingly gorgeous one, by the way.

She's pretty much the only girl in the world that he wants, and nothing's gonna stop him from claiming the ultimate prize. Her daddy's company is not really worth much; yet, the hussy is trying to make Drake pay up. Well, it's going to take her more than a pushy attitude to persuade him...Beauty and the Billionaire is a perfectly dirty fairy tale that features a modern-day billionaire beast and a virgin beauty that’s not afraid to follow him to the other side.

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