If you love the original Beauty and the Beast story, but are all-grown-up-now and want something naughtier and sexier, make sure to check out Ruby Dixon's riveting interpretation of the classic fairy tale for the kids. The ugly, scary and monstrous beast has always been present in the forest, and every single year, at the traditional Harvest Festival, folks from the villages send a new girl - a bride - to this creature, and no young woman has ever returned home.

There's an agreement that involves the humans sacrificing a girl once a year and the beast staying away from their homes. This time around, they've picked Willow as the new bride, and she goes to the wise woman of the village and asks her for an advice.

As it turns out, there is a way to break the curse, but, in order for the magic to work, Willow will have to resist the temptation to look the monster in the eyes. Hey, sounds like a pretty easy "job", right, given the fact that it's ugly as hell? However, the two get closer to each other with each passing day, and the passion between them makes it quite hard for the girl to stick to the plan.

How can she not look him into the eyes when the "monster" turns out to be a nobleman with a curse that he never really deserved? Ruby Dixon put a great twist on the legendary tale and turned it into a sweet and sexy romantic fantasy for the adults. That's right: keep your kids away from Beauty in Autumn! The book mixes drama, romance, love, sex, and magic to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don't miss out on a brilliant novel, ladies, and gentlemen, as we don't get to enjoy sexy fairy tales that often.

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