Beauty's Release is the third installment in the best-selling and award-winning series - Sleeping Beauty. This is a sizzling-hot, unapologetically steamy and sexy romantic novel with enough erotica and humor to make you forget about the rest of the world and devour the pages. It's safe to say that everybody knows the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, but, before James' game-changing book, Anne Rice revolutionized the genre with the scandalous and provocative reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.

This tasty, panty-melting, tantalizing series invites the readers to dive into a fantasy world full of wonders and naughty desires. In Beauty's Release, the main character ends up being a captive of a rich, controlling Sultan and a prisoner in the man's harem.

She's constantly walking on the edge and trying to get the most out of the dark side of sex. She's looking for new, exciting things and is not afraid to take part in even the craziest journeys. This is a highly addictive, sensuous and insightful novel that will be of great use to all those folks who want to study erotica and to learn more about women sexuality and their "secret buttons".

Anne Rice delivered a 100% page-turner, a gripping, riveting and smutty erotic story that talks about the forbidden side of lust and depicts it as some sort of an entrance into the deep, dark and hidden parts of our psyche and heart. If you're a fan or the genre, you'll most certainly appreciate Beauty's Release and its captivating characters. If not, well, make sure to give it a try: who knows, maybe you'll instantly fall in love with Anne Rice's masterfully created world?

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