Alanna, a natural-born beauty, is devastated after her dear husband died from a car bomb blast. Their lovely band was on tour when that happened, and now the widow doesn't know what to do with her life. Her evil, wicked father-in-law wants full custody of the kid she's carrying, but she's not going to give up the one and only reminder of Liam, the man she loved (and still does).

Thankfully, her manager gives her a way out: to marry a man from the United States and leave Ireland with him. That way, she'll be able to beat her father-in-law in court. It does seem like a reasonable arrangement right until the moment she sees her new man's huge mansion for the first time. And, as soon as she moves in with her unborn child, bizarre and scary things start to happen.

At first, Alanna doesn't pay much attention to it all, but the tension intensifies, and she feels threatened by the house and/or whatever sinister force is lurking around in the territory. Maybe it's all just a coincidence and Alanna is going crazy? But what if there's something menacing hunting for her baby? She’s left all alone in this world, and she can't rely on anyone – not until she figures it all out on her own.

Because You're Mine is a gripping, riveting mystery thriller that will glue you to your seat and make you bite your nails. It's equally fast-paced and suspenseful, which makes it perfect for a scary late night read. The book comes with an engrossing plot, an intricate narrative with twists/turns and a fine cast of characters. This is a story of love - both lost and found – faith, and the greater good. Colleen Coble put her majestic writing skills to good use!

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