Lois Battle, a best-selling and critically-acclaimed writer, is back with a lovely holiday story. Josie, the main character of the book, runs a bed and breakfast hotel in SC (South Carolina), and the readers will get to feel the warmth and that very special southern attitude.

After she nearly lost her best friend, Josie decided it was time for her to forget about all the difficulties in her life and start living as if it's her last day on planet Earth. Thus, she said goodbye to old bruises and grievances and did everything in her powerful to get the whole family together under one roof. And now she really hopes that her daughters - three beautiful adult women - will come back home to celebrate Christmas with their mom.

Josie loves them to death, and she had spent the best years of her life on making sure the girls were happy. This is a defining moment for her: family means everything to this woman, and, even though they did have their fair share of ups and downs, when it comes to Christmas, everything else doesn't matter. After all, our families are the most important thing in life, and that is exactly why she's feeling a bit nervous.

Bed & Breakfast is a moving, touching, uplifting and heart-warming novel that will mesmerize you with that tender, poignant family routine. Lois Battle put her exceptional writing skills to good use and delivered a wonderful story with just the right amount of fun, love, faith and devotion. Readers of all ages, nationalities, and creed will fall in love with Battle's lovely characters, awesome atmosphere, and resonating message.

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