Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

Before-the-Fall-by-Noah-HawleyThe summer night is covered in fog. The 11 people fly on a private jet to the New York city. But this flight will be not last long. Only the 16 minutes after the takeoff, the unimaginable happens – the deadly and unpredictable events. For unclear cause, the plane fell into the sea. Not all of the passengers are dead. There are two survivors. One of them is Scott Burroughs. He is a painter, And another survivor is a lucky little boy. The boy is four-year-old. And he is the last remaining heir of the incredibly wealthy family.

The plot of Before the Fall is very intricate. Some chapters tell us story after the plane crash. But also you can find many backstories of the crew members and its passengers. One of them is a rich guy from Wall Street. He was flying with a company of his wife. Also, there was a party boy among the passengers. He is born in Texas and returned very recently from the capital of Great Britain. Another passenger was a pretty woman. She is very young, but already questioning her life. And, of course, there are some chapters about a life of a pilot. He was trying to make a successful career.

So many life stories, so many dreams, and problems are gone in one moment. Is it an accident – that so at least interesting people died in on a day in one place? Try to unravel the mystery and read the Before the Fall novel written by Noah Hawley, who creates a very successful TV show, Fargo.

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