beg-me-by-cassandra-deeCassandra Dee is the modern-day queen of women's fiction, especially when it comes to hot romantic novels packed with passion, naughty stuff and handsome men. Lindy is a 19-year-old girl who has to spend 10 full days with a 45-year-old-man, Mr. Jones. He's her father's boss, and she's kinda like the ransom. The thing is, her dad was caught stealing money from the boss's company, and he was fired that instance.

That meant the girl's family was ruined - both financially and morally. They'd simply have no place to live, nowhere to sleep, eat, and she'd have to leave school for good. However, that's when the boss offered her an "easy" way out of this stressful situation: to be with him 10 days - to spend them with him in his gorgeous mansion. If she agreed, everything would go back to normal. He would even hire her father back.

Obviously, it wasn't just a breezy walk in the park, and the man had his demands. He was a 100% alpha male, and she had to obey him in everything: wear only the clothes that he allowed to wear, eat the food that he wanted her to eat, and, finally, beg him every time he asked her to do so. Yes, it's a master-slave relationship, but Lindy would never say yes to his proposal unless a big part of her wanted to do that. That's right - she needed this experience, as she's been in love with him for years.

Beg Me is a sexy, dirty, hot romance novel that will make the ladies lose their minds and their panties melt in a matter of seconds! Cassandra Dee delivered a brand-new bestseller that will linger on with you long after you finish the story of Lindy and Mr. Jones. They're not the perfect couple - far from it - but they do have a mutual attraction that's stronger than anything else in the world. But will Lindy be OK with his kind of relationship for long?

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