Behind-Closed-Doors-By-B.-A.-ParisB. A. Paris delivers a fascinating experience with Behind Closed Doors - a gripping, breathtaking psychological thriller that will be the perfect gift for a fan of the genre. It's addictive, twisted and cold-blooded and you won't be able to put it down until you turn that very last page. The critics are already calling Behind Closed Doors one of the best thrillers in history.

The plot focuses on Jack and Grace, your ideal young couple that seems to have it all: she's charming, intellectual, and elegant. He's gorgeous, makes tons of money and has a strong personality. She's a top-class cook, gardener, and homemaker; plus, she adores her disabled sis. He's one of the best attorneys in town and never lost a single case. They just got married, but the couple is already living the dream. People around them can't resist their charm and pretty much the whole town loves them and what they stand for.

They always throw amazing parties, their home is open for the guests and they have a unique "glow" to themselves. The only thing that seems a bit strange is the fact that the two are inseparable. The majority of folks think that this is what true love looks like, but others can't really understand why the wife almost never goes outside without her husband or why she can't even answer her own phone.

Or, how come that she doesn't take anything when leaves the house on her own? And finally, why does a family of newlyweds need metal shutters on all the windows? What's really going on in the perfect house when the guests leave and the front door is closed? Behind Closed Doors is a terrifying, exciting and fascinating novel that deserves a very special place on your bookshelves.

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