Behind Her Eyes is a dark, twisty, riveting page-turner with a shocking ending. As far as gripping psychological thrillers go, this one is as eerie and uncanny as they come. Sarah Pinborough, the brilliant author, keeps us glued to our seats to the very last page, and you can never guess what's really going on until you finish the book. Louise is a modern-day single mom.

She's got a job as a secretary that's putting enough food on the table for her and the kiddo, but the routine is kinda overwhelming. So, she decides to give herself a treat and goes out to have a few drinks and to relax at a local bar. That's when she meets a mysterious, dashing man that wakes something up in her. They just kiss and he leaves after that, but Louise returns home with a great feeling of connection.

Then, when she goes to work the next week, she runs into her new honcho, Dave. As it turns out, he's the guy from the bar! And, he's got a wedding ring on his finger, a wife at home, and all that. He apologizes to her and claims that the kiss was a huge mistake, yet, he keeps staring at her as if he's ready to tear her clothes off right now and take her downtown.

Finally, Lousie comes across Adele, a lovely woman that just arrived in the town and is looking for a friend. Oh, and she's David's wife! Seems a bit suspicious and too good for a coincidence, doesn't it? This couple looks like a picture-perfect family, but they've got their own set of secrets and skeletons. Soon, the single mom gets pulled into their sickening puzzle that she can't get out of...Behind Her Eyes is a unique, one-of-a-kind novel that you simply HAVE to read if you love mystery thrillers. It's nothing like all those regular suspense/psycho stories.

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