Elizabeth George is known for writing "hooky" thrillers that are impossible to put down. Her books always come with blood-rushing plots, breath-taking mysteries, and shocking revelations. Inspector Lynley is hired to solve the death of a young man - Ian. Mr. Fairclough, a rich, powerful and influential gentleman, Ian's uncle, is the one who requested the hard-boiled inspector's help.

The official statement claims that this is just another case of accidental drowning, and right now, every single piece of evidence backs that statement. However, when Lynley goes to his good friends and asks them to lend him a hand with the case, the three of them start digging and soon realize that the Fairclough family is six feet deep in secrets, cover-ups, and betrayals.

They've got a lot to hide, and the investigation might just reveal it all to the world; so, why would they want extra attention? Mr. Fairclough's son, Nick, an addict, is a major suspect. Deborah, one of the investigators, pays his wife a visit and is impressed both by her beauty and her loyalty to the man. At the same time, Lynley and his partner take their time to learn as much about the family as they can.

As they move forward with the case, it becomes clear that no one is innocent, and it's gonna take a miracle for the rough-tough and experienced trio to crack it. With every new discovery, they shed more light on the messy life of the Faircloughs, putting their own lives in danger...Believing the Lie is a near-perfect mystery thriller with a too-good-to-be-true plot, a dense, suspenseful and twisty narrative, and more. If intricate crime dramas are your favorites, this one's a no-brainer!

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