Below-The-Belt-By-Stuart-WoodsWhen it comes to mystery, thrillers, and suspense, Mr. Stuart Woods is one of the "old-timers" of modern-day literature. He's got more awards and best-sellers than most of the booming writers of the 21st century, and his ground-breaking series are always topping all kinds of international sales charts. This man has more than 50 NY Times bestsellers!

Stone Barrington is one of his best franchises to date, and the critics are calling Below the Belt a must-have. If you love Stone, his engaging personality and the impossible messes that he manages to survive, then you'll definitely love this novel. He's having the best time of his life: the man's got a beautiful home in Santa Fe, and there's a gorgeous woman by his side.

However, when an old buddy calls him and asks for a quite unusual favor, Barrington simply can't say no. The best operatives in the country are helpless in situations like these, and only our hero has the necessary wit, smarts and savvy to pull it off. An escalation is imminent, and Stone will have to use every bit of his subtlety and stealth to bring it home.

A wealthy, influential man is right in the center of this predicament, and it's up to Stone to bring order and peace back into the city. The man is ambitious, dedicated and has all the right friends in all the right places, but in the harsh world of the elite, people rise and fall every passing day. Once again, the legendary detective/investigator holds the key to the future of the entire nation. Below the Belt is appealing, exciting and entertaining. It's twisty, funny, and comes with tons of action scenes. A page-turner? Yes, sir!

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